Have you ever imagined that someday pictures could talk?

Thanks to TourMake your Tour Google will be even more efficient and interactive. You will raise the emotional experience of your customers given the personalized development of your virtual environment enriched of information and services.

Doesn’t only permit the customers to move your activity from one area to another, with the help of an easy menu of navigation, but you will also be able to insert an informative caption of the products in sale and of the services you provide, make others reserve a table at your restaurant or the room of your hotel and create your innovative shop online.

With a unique photo shoot you will be an highlight on all the Google platforms and you will implement the digital contents of your website, raising the probabilities of intercepting a final client without any middlemen.

Furthermore, thanks to a special user interface it will be you personally to manage the contents of the tour based on your needs. In this case, you will be able to enrich directly the elements that are present in your tour with promotions, events, news, information, contacts, etc.



  • Move around the modification panel freely, it’s fast and intuitive!
  • Plug-in Form: crop your products and highlight them into your tour.
  • Insert all the music you prefer!
  • Multilanguage: choose between all the languages spoken by your clients.
  • Auto-rotation of the panoramic: guide your clients.
  • Choose between more than 500 customized icons.
  • Send the QrCode of the Tour to everybody.

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