Photography is our core-business. It represents the segment of services that permitted us to grown in other fields of communications. It is thanks to photography that Pivot transformed in a laboratory of ideas. Becxause of this we offer to our clients a large number of photographic solutions, projecting the image in relation to the reference commercial destination.


We work on the interns with a maniac passion, for what concerns the composition of the scene, planning each single detail. We produce HDR Photography to maintain balance between shades and lights. Thanks to the digital elaboration of the image we make emerge the interns without never losing the extern panoramas that are out of your windows.


We prepare a set in a studio to make your products emerge, utilizing a large number of lights and screens to guarantee the maximum quality of detail. You will have your personalized sill life for an innovative and performing e-commerce.


For your food we can make your dishes emerge elaborating the compositions that are in your menu. We will not shoot only beautiful pictures, but we will play with your ingredients making colors and the sparkle highlight. Your clients will live a unique experience even before sitting at your tables.


Pivot designs and realizes fashion sets in studios and outdoors. We select locations, examples, and the put-on-scene based on the brand that we have to represent, trying to maintain an editorial composed line, but easily noticeable. Each phase of the creation process passes through our hands, from the selection to make-up artists, to the most rigorous studio of the digital photography elaboration.


We renovate completely the image of your company with a focused study of the reference sector, of the product/brand offered and from the human resources that created it. We design and realize evocative storytelling for your clients, which you can use on web or for editorial scopes.


Other than our no-profit projects we also collaborate on commission to document whatever social or cultural project. Once we identify the area of intervention, we act with a focused research work. In this way we can capture from the right perspective the themes that have to be highlighted, by guaranteeing a powerful visual impact and a correct narrative set-up.


People are often the center of our job. The pictures can be adapted in many ways of communication developing with intensity both in the social and in the company, representing the added value for each enterprise that wants to stand up for. A good picture will have to transmit the emotions that permit the client to empathize in the subject. This is why we design accurately and decide if it should be realized in the studio, or on the job spot, or outdoors.

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